About Niligo

Niligo is pioneering in the Internet of Things, not because of smart devices, software and cloud services, but also making them cheaper and easier to use. Smart LED luminaires, smart switches, motion sensors, smart cooker, smart Wi-Fi speakers and so, all made for the Internet of Things are hardware made by Niligo. Software development, cloud services and data centers are also within the scope of Niligo services. The Internet of Things is one of the largest businesses today and is expected to experience the largest turnover within businesses in the next few years. Join us today because tomorrow might be too late.

Live safer, better, happier

It would be better if you could turn on lights with a touch of a button in a mobile app. And you would be surprised if fireplace was lit shortly before you arrived home for a warm welcome. It would be safer if you could see your home from office, or turn on a light to mimic your presence at home while you’re away.
We are getting closer to the day that all devices around us are connected together to make life easier, safer, healthier and happier. And with automated processes, you no longer need to do everything manually, so there would be a lot of time for more important works. Many people have decided to use smart lights, manage energy consumption with smart thermostats or install a smart doorbell.
Are you interested? just take a look at our smart devices and services to transform your world to a whole new one.


Niligo Departments


A group of engineers design new products and make them ready to connect to network and other devices. Updating existing devices is a constant job done by hardware and electronic team.

Software / App

Software and applications are developed in this stage. Niligo software and applications are compatible with every smartphone, tablet or computer with any operating system.

IoT Cloud Service

Smart devices and machines can communicate just like humans. This is done through machine to machine communication or M2M service and integration service. Both services are based on Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

We are working on artificial intelligence to make our smart devices and services even smarter. This is expected to be done by the end of 2020.



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