Not a long time ago, everybody had a typing machine and they were great. But some day somebody came up with laptop and killed typing machines for ever.

The same thing is happening for bulbs by smart bulbs.

Incandescent lamps lit up the world and changed it dramatically. But because of low efficiency, they needed to be replaced.

Of course, LED bulbs were far more efficient but as we are losing energy resources and population is growing by light speed, we have to think of a way to reduce energy consumption again.

In many times, we use bulbs when we do not need them. Therefore, by changing bulbs to smart bulbs, we can tell them when to turn on or off automatically. This seems the best way to reduce energy consumption.

Reducing energy consumption is just one of many advantages of bulbs becoming smart. A more beautiful environment, better sleep and wake up and many more exciting things come with smart bulbs.

Many great companies like Philips has joined the rhythm. Other companies like Xiaomi, LifX and Hive have their line of smart lights.

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All of these bulbs have weaknesses that can be a dealbreaker for many people.

By improving disadvantages and keeping advantages, Niligo is producing smart lights as well. Stay with us for a comparison between Niligo smart bulbs and other similar products.

Price and availability

High price tag is the main deal breaker when buying a smart light. There is a huge difference between price of LED bulbs and smart bulbs.

The likes of Philips and Hive offer great deals on bundles, but the fact remains unchanged.

Xiaomi makes cheapest bulbs surprisingly with high quality. This might be due to low production cost in china and Niligo is doing the same thing. The result is a price lower than any other smart bulb, again with a high quality.

Keep in mind that many smart bulbs need other devices like hub or bridge to work, so entering to smart home costs you more than just bulbs.


Niligo smart bulb screws into E27 light fixture. Buoyant types will become available soon.

Design philosophy is based on being different because of being smart. Body of Niligo smart bulb has a wide range of color to entice every one.

Niligo smart bulbs are produced under two main categories: Kelvin and RGB.

Kelvin is comparable to Philips Hue White with color temperature between 2000 and 7000 k and maximum brightness of 110 lumens. Kelvin smart bulb can be used to simulate daylight and improve sleep and wake up.

If you want your home more colorful, buy RGB bulb with 16 million colors. Maximum brightness of RGB bulb is 65 lumens.

Niligo smart bulb features

No hub required. Since niligo smart bulb connects to Wi-Fi directly, no hub is required. Philips hue owners regret this feature because they have to pay a lot for the hub.

Smart control. Not every light needs to be on every time, nor with maximum brightness. You can schedule bulbs or set them to turn on and off automatically. Amazingly control Niligo smart bulb miles away from home.

Paint with light. Having 16 million colors in hand, you can paint anywhere to any color. This is like Holy Grail for architects and creatives.

Mobile application. Personalize your space, play with 16 million colors and Automate your home with lighting routines. Read more about Niligo mobile application.


Setting up Niligo smart bulb is as easy as possible. Just screw it to bulb fixture and configure it in Niligo mobile application.

In fact, easy setup is one of the best features of Niligo smart light because it has no need to other devices or peripherals.

Some of the best smart bulbs like Philips Hue or Hive Active need a hub or bridge to work. This is due to being not able to connect to Wi-Fi network directly.

Adding price of hub or bridge to entry level bundles, entering smart home will become more difficult.

So already reasonable price of Niligo smart bulb looks more reasonable.


Buying smart light is the best way to convert home to smart home. This is why many companies focused on these products.

Buying Niligo smart bulb can be the best choice because of better price, world class quality, easy setup and great mobile application.

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