What is integration service?

With impressive number of available smart devices, apps and services, we are left confused with a lot of notifications and events, mostly out of control. Businesses, small or big, feel this a lot more than ordinary people.
Many of emails, news, messages, feeds and social notifications are not worth paying attention to, but there is a lot which need immediate response.
So, we need a tool to help us automate the appropriate reaction in an event by defining desired patterns.
This is called integration service and saves a huge amount of money and time.
For example, it is possible to save email attachments or get a push notification for emails from a contact, automatically.
In another example for businesses, consider an eCommerce website in which a user orders a product. The reaction could be sending a request to the packaging unit and preparing to send the package automatically.
Without integration service, everything has to be done manually which leads to inefficient use of resources, which could be spending on more important work.
The Integration Service provides a platform to create a pattern for smart devices, apps, and services used by any person or company to be defined for any work or set of tasks.
Helping sales team, keeping users informed while on the go, improving productivity, making software development easier, streamlining and improving HR, improving marketing, simplifying classroom tasks and much more are benefits of integration service.

More about Niligo integration service

Niligo integration service is an easy automation for busy people and businesses. This service moves between smart devices, apps and services to free a precious time to focus on more important work.
It takes a few steps to start using Niligo integration service. First, devices, apps and services are defined to start sharing data, then, Information passes between devices, apps and services according to defined patterns, that’s all.
There is no need for any knowledge of software development, our service is designed with simplicity in mind.
Niligo integration service connects with more smart devices, apps and services than anyone and we add new options every month.
Our interface is made for do-it-yourself automation and creating every pattern is done without developer help. Not enough? Niligo integration service comes with many predefined patterns.
Our service is designed with business in mind, so it is ultimate platform by having plugins for scripts, databases and more. Besides, we are happy to help businesses to add more proprietary plugins to our service.
This helps any business to avoid unnecessary cost of software development.

Trending integration services

In the following table, we will discuss best rivals of Niligo integration service:



Good and easy user interface

Compatible with most smart devices, apps and services

Mobile app

Patterns limited to two steps


Compatible with most smart devices, apps and services

More complicated patterns with more than two steps

Good and easy user interface even for ordinary people



No free pattern and the need for payment after trial period

No mobile app

Microsoft flow


Unrivaled compatibility with Microsoft smart devices, apps and services

Many predefined patterns


Limited to Microsoft smart devices, apps and services


Niligo integrationGood and easy user interface even for ordinary people

Designed with business applications in mind

Easy to customize for any business API, proprietary scripts

Patterns with unlimited steps

Responsive mobile version

Many predefined patterns


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