What is M2M service

The machine-to-machine communication service, commonly referred to as M2M, is referred to as communication between devices.
Some devices like smartphones have required tools to communicate with other devices, but other devices can also be connected to other machines by adding the required equipment.
advancements of technology and decrease in price of devices like sensors and Wi-Fi modems have led to a significant increase in the number of the M2M communication service users. So today, both ordinary people and businesses are audience of this service.

In this communication, various scenarios allow various devices to be connected and perform a task or a set of tasks together.
Increasing productivity, cutting costs, eliminating risks, and avoiding waste of time are the benefits of the M2M service. This savings comes from of automations that can only be implemented by the machine-to-machine communication service.
Any device or thing connected to the Internet can use the machine-to-machine connection service. So, the owners of all industries or even ordinary people who have such devices will be the target audience for this service.
As a simple example, consider a greenhouse in which the heat has risen sharply in a storage and is destroying the products. If the storage in the greenhouse was equipped with temperature sensors, it could detect the temperature and send it directly to the operator or other devices to respond appropriately.
The result of the work after information processing can occur under various imaginable scenarios in the form of an alert message for the operator of the device or activation of another device for temperature adjustment. In this way, it will not endanger the greenhouse products and will prevent financial losses.

Niligo M2M service

The Niligo M2M service is established based on the MQTT protocol, which is accepted by the largest companies such as facebook, so the devices should be able to implement this protocol.
Niligo has provided the required platform for M2M service. So, everyone can use the Niligo service instead of paying a great deal of money for setting up this service, and their devices can easily be connected other objects.

The Niligo M2M service allows everyone to access performance reports of their devices, which will give the ability to monitor and analyze device. Increase in efficiency and many more things are benefits of such ability.
Niligo M2M service users are able to manage this service by Niligo mobile application or web-based dashboard to get information about device performance and manage them.

Joining Niligo M2M service has the following benefits:

  • Securely connect devices to the server using SSL/TLS protocol
  • Authentication mechanisms
  • Extensible access control mechanism
  • Awareness of desirable events
  • Interact with other devices through web service or Niligo Integration cloud services
  • Simple and functional web environment