Smart bulb

Niligo Prism

The IoT bulb is a LED bulb, has designed to serve lighting, based on software and cloud computing. Network and cloud connectivity have made it a product of the Internet of Things with expanded capabilities. It can be used to increase security, convenience and optimize energy consumption. The variety of shapes and different wattage are the benefits of this category of products

Smart LED bulbs are simply luminaries with smart features. By adding hardware, sensors and connecting luminaires to network, these devices are controllable via applications and clouds.
Now, every feature of light such as Intensity, color and temperature can be adjusted to suite everyone’s need.
Turning off all lights is a matter of one tap in the mobile application, any room can be magically transformed to a home cinema using the right color or even optimal light is adjustable for better concentration or relaxing after a long day.
This was just a beginning for literally unlimited features. With power consumption statistics, smart energy consumption management is possible.
In terms of security, Niligo smart LED bulbs are absolutely safe and improve safety in many scenarios. For example, a home or office with the lights on indicates that people are there. So, the safety of home is improved, even if nobody is there. Niligo smart LED bulbs work with other third-party smart home products such as cameras, motion detectors and doorbells for additional safety.
Thanks to one of the best in class mobile applications, Niligo devices are full of features and smarter than many rivals.

Prism smart LED bulbs at a glance

Not enough? Niligo smart LED bulbs are made “open API”.
Niligo offers a whole range of lights, sensors and switches to light everywhere smarter. Easy installation and no need to any peripherals such as hub make our devices different.
Niligo smart LED bulbs are compatible with other Niligo devices, third party smart home devices and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
“Prism” is Niligo smart LED lighting brand and these products are made in variety of shape, color and power to suit all needs.
Smart LED bulbs are known as rather white or color ambience. Niligo smart LED bulbs are known as Kelvin and RGB which represent white-yellow and color ambience respectively.
Niligo kelvin helps to relax, read and concentrate by adjusting color temperature while Niligo RGB transforms every environment by changing color of light. Both kelvin and RGB are made in different shape and size and new shapes and colors are on the way.

Max power consumption

11-watt max

Stand-by power

0.1-watt max


AC 110-240 V



Wi-fi connection


Security Protocols

WPA2 local – SSL Cloud connection

LED color

16 million colors – 2000-6500 Kelvin

Connection type

Web service over HTTP / MQTT Over Cloud

Kelvin VS RGB

  • same
  • same
  • same
  • same
  • same
  • 65 Lumens / watt
  • 16 Million colors
  • Expensive
  • same
  • same
  • same
  • same
  • same
  • 140 Lumens / watt
  • Light temp.
  • Normal
  • Cheap
Recessed LED light
Niligo prism smart Lightstrip