IoT Remote control

Niligo Remote Control

IoT Remote control able to connect to Wi-Fi network and cloud services (M2M and Integration).
Also, with IR capability, it can sends commands to IR devices. It communicates by TV, air conditioner,  players and . . . . It can communicates with other “Things” and offer a lots of new services.

It must have happened you should to find the TV remote control. It must have happened, your remote control battery runs out and you unable to control the air conditioner. It must have happened, while you were asleep, you decided to get out of the bed and change the cooler temperature.
Maybe you are working in a company that needs to control duct splits, but because of duct inability to connect to the network, you should put the remote control beside it and constantly inspect it.
Niligo IoT remote control is able to learn and store remote commands. It can connect to the M2M cloud and Integration cloud as well. Therefor it is possible for various devices to enable services that were previously unavailable.

Niligo smart cooker at a glance

Very simple power wiring, which of course can be hidden with other systems. Nowadays using the remote control is widely used in home and commercial applications. Adding WiFi remote control to the home and office systems can provide users with greater convenience and security. Also energy saving can be achieved in some systems.

As this product is an IoT device and is able, easily connect to the cloud services, It has been widely used. For all types of TVs, Set-top-box, air conditioner and more, and many other applications, can be easily added at any time to the Integration Service. The device has easy installation and has unlimited cloud software capability

Stand-by power

0.1-watt max


AC 110-240 V




Rest web service protocol – Cloud connection – Apple home kit – Amazon Alexa – Google home

Remote type

38 KHZ

Wi-fi connection


Security Protocols

WPA2 local – SSL Cloud connection

Connection type

Web service over HTTP / MQTT over cloud

Niligo IoT Sensore
Niligo IoT Relay