IoT Smart Cooker


Niligo IoT cooker makes cooking easier. This smart cooker is able to receive cooking recipes from the cloud, then the cooking process begins. The Niligo cooker ask user to add material into the cooker at each step, and the Niligo cooker sets the time and temperature required for baking until the next step. Finally you will enjoy delicious food.

Niligo smart cooker is designed to make cooking easier. It is programmed to get recipe from Niligo mobile application and start preparing food. User is prompted to add ingredient at every stage and Niligo smart cooker adjusts temperature, pressure and time to next stage.
Users can easily make, edit or share recipes on Niligo cloud.
Niligo smart cooker is ideal for those who want more control over their meal making process. Many people choose this cooker for the health benefits.
By using Niligo smart cooker, it is possible to speed-cook and maintain as much of the nutritional value as possible rather than boiling food for a long time and leech nutrients into the water. Many users might choose Niligo smart cooker for simplicity.
By being yogurt maker, rice maker, hot pot, double boiler or steamer, Niligo smart cooker reduces the need for kitchen gadgets.
It can be easily operated remotely by Niligo mobile application, integrated to Niligo integration and M2M service and connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home for hands free voice control.

Niligo smart cooker at a glance

Stand-by power

0.1-watt max


AC 110-240 V




Rest web service protocol – Cloud connection – Apple home kit – Amazon Alexa – Google home

Wi-fi connection


Security Protocols

WPA2 local – SSL Cloud connection

Working temperature

-40 to 100 C

Connection type

Web service over HTTP / MQTT Over Cloud

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