IoT Switch

Niligo switch

IoT switch is a beautiful touch switch, has designed to serve based on software and cloud computing. Network and cloud connectivity have made it a product of the Internet of Things with expanded capabilities. More than twenty events, in addition to its exterior beauty, have made it even more useful

Features of smart switch are beyond switching on or off. By connecting to wi-fi network, it is possible to control attached devices remotely, anywhere in the world.
Attached devices are controllable via different scenarios defined on the Niligo Integration Service. The simplest application could be on/off scheduling attached devices.
Niligo smart switch offers many other features, yet, it is Open API to be developed easily.
For example, double click or press and hold could be defined to record working hours in an office.
Niligo Smart Switches are made in two major categories: 1- single, double and triple bridge light switches and 2- water cooler switches.

Niligo smart switch at a glance

Niligo smart switch is controllable via Niligo mobile application. It is fully compatible with other Niligo smart home devices and other third-party devices. By integrating Niligo smart switch to voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it is controllable hands-free.

This device is ultimately safe and improves home safety in many ways. For example, it is possible to control lights in order to mimic presence in home. With power consumption statistics, smart energy consumption management is possible.

Max power consumption

11-watt max

Stand-by power

0.1-watt max


AC 110-240 V



Wi-fi connection


Security Protocols

WPA2 local – SSL Cloud connection

Connection type

Web service over HTTP / MQTT over cloud

Recessed LED light