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Niligo Speaker

IoT Niligo speakers make in various models and shapes. In fact, Niligo has upgraded popular speakers so that they will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network, Internet and the cloud, and play your music as a group synchronous. Enjoy listening to your favorite music.

Niligo Wi-Fi speaker offers an experience beyond music. These speakers sync easily together and with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to help control smart home devices hands free. So, turning on lights, controlling smart doorbell and creating calendar events or reminders would be a matter of simply asking Google or Alexa.
This product is able to stream online music from Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and other compatible services.
Niligo smart speaker connects to other Niligo speakers to offer a surround sound, better than any other smart speaker. With this, playing music, controlling smart home, talking to voice assistant or making a call is possible from everywhere in home, no matter how big it is.
We prefer to make speakers smart, rather than making smart speakers. In other word, we pick a speaker, add hardware and software to it to make it smart. With this approach, Niligo offers a wide range of shape, power and price for smart speakers to satisfy every costumer.
Reducing production cost results in low price and unbelievably high margin of profit.
Niligo smart Wi-Fi speaker is controlled by Niligo mobile application and is compatible with Niligo integration and M2M service.

Niligo Wi-Fi speaker at a glance

Max power consumption

11-watt max

Stand-by power

0.1-watt max



Wi-fi connection


Security Protocols

WPA2 local – SSL Cloud connection

Connection type

Web service over HTTP / MQTT over cloud


Rest web service protocol – Cloud connection – Apple home kit – Amazon Alexa – Google home

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