More security, remote control, saving data, analyzing and sharing data are some of the most important benefits of cloud service.

Add Account

First of all, you have to log into an account to communicate with cloud servers. after doing so, you will receive important notifications, promotions and other important messages.
off course, this feature has a little effect on smartphone battery use, so you can disable it anytime you want. to do so, tap the profile image and select disconnect in the next page.
You will not receive notifications but still are able to control devices remotely.
To register to the cloud service, chose Add Account from menu. registering is possible either via SMS or Email.
Your account image will be displayed above menu, only if you register via Email.

Register via SMS

Tap on SMS, confirm permission messages, chose your country and enter your mobile number.
You can search for country or scroll to find it.
If you enter more or lee characters than necessary or an invalid number, you will receive a notification.
Finally, tap on Send Phone Number to receive a verification code. if you did not receive anything by 60 seconds, tap Resend button.

Register via Email

You can only register with a google account for now.
to register, press Google icon and give required permissions. now select one of the listed accounts.
If you have not already entered an account in your smartphone, chose the Use Another Account option.
You will see failure or success message after a few seconds.

Activating Cloud

Activate the cloud to be able to control devices remotely. Tap Enable Cloud in the menu to begin.
You will see list of configured devices. To connect a device to the cloud, just switch the button to right.
Note that the very first user who connects a device to the cloud is known as owner. It the owner puts a password on the device, other users will need the password to connect or disconnect the device.
If you are not the owner and saw such notification while attempting to connect to the cloud, this means you are not the owner.
Device will blink the moment it connects to the server and you will receive the success message.

Giving Access

You can let other people to control devices you own. This is done via SMS or Gmail.
It is not possible to give access to somebody who is not registered to the server.
Off course, you can grant any access with a certain level. Therefore, other users can either view the device’s status or control it as well.

Creating Backup

Create backups to make sure you never lose anything. so after resetting your phone or even losing it, you can restore everything.
You can also share settings to other users so there is no need to set devices from scratch.
To begin, chose Backup from the menu and in the next page, press Backup. then success or failure will be shown as a message.
You can restore backup by tapping the related button.
You can share settings. To do so, press Send button to generate a code. Press receive in the destination phone and enter the generated code.

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