Niligo Privacy Policy

Update: 1/1/2020

About Niligo

Niligo is a Technology-based company, active in “Internet of Things” industry. We are involved in electronics / hardware / software and artificial intelligence and also we provide our services on the cloud. We provide communication between “Thing” by the M2M service and provide integration services on cloud.

Customer privacy is Niligo’s top priority. For this reason, all necessary security measures have been taken to keep it safe and prevent users from disclosing private information.

What kind of data do we store?

Personal information is part of the data that can be accessed by the user. Providing part of personal information is a must for Niligo services.

The company uses this data to improve the services provided in its cloud. Obviously, users can hide their information from Niligo at any time, which would mean giving up Niligo’s services.

User information is collected through their account. This information will be used when purchasing hardware from Niligo or receiving software services for authentication. With an account, you can be notified of events such as new software releases, promotions, or Niligo auctions.

It is also necessary that every “Things” on the Internet has an owner, so Niligo can prevent the exploitation of profiteers. For this purpose, customers must be authenticated. As a first step, Niligo authenticate customers through SMS (mobile numbers) or via Google.

Who do we provide your information to?

Your information is 100% protected by Niligo and will not be shared with anyone.

Where do we store your information?

Users’ data in each country will be stored in the same country and in the datacenters inside that country

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